Name of the Program

Thai : หลักสูตรบริหารธุรกิจบัณฑิต
English : Bachelor of Business Administration Program

  Name of the Degree

Thai : บริหารธุรกิจบัณฑิต: บธ.บ.
English : Bachelor of Business Administration: B.B.A


The Bachelor of Business Administration program is engrossed in producing qualified graduates who are well equipped with knowledge and proficiency in all related fields of business administration, including finance and banking, management, and marketing. Our graduates shall be knowledgeable of business administration, as being accepted in the international level and able to apply knowledge to enhance national business administration with moralities and ethics. They must be well versed in academic approach and proficient in IT with language literacy. The program will enable them to analyze and synthesize knowledge to monitor or provide business solutions for an incurred problem or crisis in the current economic system. In addition, the program strives to cultivate the integrative thinking skills to its graduates and urges them to be equipped with learning and knowledge-seeking skills.  The graduates of this program shall be optimistic, creative, and self-confident as well as understand and assimilate to Thai culture together with public consciousness, virtue, and ethics.

  Course Structure



The revised curriculum of Bachelor of Business Administration program emphasizes on producing graduates who posse the following qualifications:

  • Being equipped with modern and international academic body of knowledge on business administration that suits well with Thai society;
  • Being versed in academic knowledge, including IT proficiency and language literacy, contributing to effective business strategies and internalization of business administration;
  • Being proficient in analyzing and providing solutions for incurred crises in all aspects systematically;
  • Being able to live in the society with quality of living and having capacity in applying knowledge and skills to create integrative solutions appropriately;
  • Being good-hearted with moralities, ethics, and public consciousness.
  Special Expertise of the Program (If any)

Finance and Banking, Management, and Marketing.

  Total Credits of the Program

The total credits for the whole program are defined at a minimum of 138 credits.

  Program Characteristics

The program is designed to be the 4-year undergraduate program.         

  Prospective Professions after Graduation (Relevant to the Fields of Study)

      Finance and Banking Field

  • Financial officer of companies, credit administrative and financial management officers of banks.
  • Security analyst and investment banking officer in the securities and investment banking field.
  • Fund Manager in the investment and portfolio management field.
  • Officer of private sector, including commercial bank, securities company, mutual funds and securities company, financial advisory company, insurance company, and The Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  • Officer of government sector, including Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce.
  • Business owner.

      Management Field

  • Administrator and planner of multinational corporation, and large, medium, and small companies.
  • Officer of government sector and education institutions.
  • Business owner.

      Marketing Field

  • Product development officer.
  • Marketing communication executive.
  • Salesperson and sales executive.
  • Marketing researcher.
  • Customer relations officer.
  • Officer of government sector and education institutions.
  • Business owner.
  Application Schedule

The application schedule shall be defined in accordance with the Announcement of Chiang Mai University

  Tuition Fee

Regular program:            15,000.-Baht in total per academic year
Special program:             28,000.-Baht in total per academic year

  Curriculum Operations

Regular Curriculum:
All courses are instructed in official office hours: Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Friday, from 08.00-15.30 hrs.

            Special Curriculum:
            All courses are instructed in non-official office hours: Monday to Friday, from 16.30-19.30 hrs. and Saturday, from 09.00-16.00 hrs.